Why our Glutathione supplements are UNIQUE

Glutathione – Your Solution for Optimum Health and Longevity

Glutathione - Super Hero of our cells.

Glutathione – Super Hero of our cells.

Your Body’s Most Powerful Antioxidant – Glutathione, the Super Hero of your cells.

Scientists have long known about the critical role Glutathione plays in protecting our cells (92,00 + PubMed articles).  However due to the fragility of the Glutathione molecule, nobody has been able to find an effective way to deliver the Glutathione in supplement form to the cells without it breaking down in the digestive tract.  UNTIL NOW.

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llness, stress, Over training, harmful toxins and bad habits are all factors that take their toll on the human body. ‘Free Radicals’ are then produced by these factors which damage cells and accelerate ageing.


 The body’s solution for Free Radicals are Antioxidants.

External antioxidant supplements are mainly produced by the majority of health companies, however, the most powerful and prevalent antioxidant is already found inside our bodies – and it’s called GLUTATHIONE.  (Pronounced ‘Glue-ta-thigh-own’).

Why haven’t I heard about Glutathione before?

Scientists have been aware of the benefits and strength of glutathione for decades, but the majority of the public has not been aware of this knowledge. The reason for this is that the problem has been actually trying to get glutathione past the digestive process to be absorbed directly by cells.

So why are Empower’s Glutathione supplements so unique?

No other glutathione supplement is able to deliver glutathione intact, and directly to our cells as it is a fragile peptide and would normally be absorbed in the digestive tract.  Prolific amounts of scientific evidence and research show how absolutely vital this substance is, but no simple, cost-effective delivery method of glutathione has been found – until now.

After 25 years of ground-breaking research, Professor Gernot Treusch of Germany overcame these challenges, by developing a UNIQUE method of delivering glutathione, intact, to the cells in food supplement form.  (Clinical trial shows 99% Bio-availability – please look in our Reference Library section).


Empower's unique re-cycling formula

Empower’s unique re-cycling formula

What diseases and ailments can Glutathione help?

Glutathione deficiency has been proven to be related to some 42 diseases, including Parkinsons, Cancer, M.S., and Autism.  Have a look for yourself:  Simply do a Google search now to see just how many studies have been published  for the ailment or problem you may be looking to investigate.  For example, ‘Glutathione deficiency and Parkinsons’, or ‘Glutathione deficiency and exercise’.

NO OTHER SUPPLEMENT IS ABLE TO DELIVER GLUTATHIONE AS EFFECTIVELY , DIRECTLY IN TO YOUR CELLS.  (Please go to our Reference Library section to view our Bio-availablility clinical trial)

Empower Health UK Ltd have sole UK & Australasian distributorship for this premium range of glutathione food supplements.


Glutathione – natures answer to optimum health and longevity

Empower supplements – your answer for obtaining optimum health and longevity

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