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 Atle Hoyland, Norway – GLUTACYAN & MIND

I have tried Cellgevity, Integrative Therapeutics’ Recancostat 400 and Empower Glutacyan. Glutacyan is by far the most potent and effective.   I have been using Glutacyan for about 1 year, and I can honestly say that this has saved my life

I have been using Glutacyan for about 1 year, and this has been a lifesaver.

As a registered nurse working only nightshifts for the last 10 years, I have the last 5 years been struggling with sleep, vision problems and light sensitivity, tendency to general anxiety, depression, fatigue and allergies. I have been trying a lot of different supplements and nothing has worked. Then I came over Glutathione. I tried different kinds of Glutathione supplements but most of them only gave very small relief.

I found Empower health UK, and ordered Glutacyan. Even though I did not have any high expectations, I wanted to give it a try. After 5 days all the symptoms alleviated, and after 2 weeks they were gone. I could not believe it. First I noticed that my energy levels increased, and the feeling of anxiety and  depression alleviated. My sleep got better, and on my days of work I now get a full 8-9 hours sleep without waking up in the middle of the night. For me the lack of energy and feeling depressed was the hardest, being a father to 2 boys (now 5 and 7 years) not having the energy to participate in their activities.  Today we go hiking and camping as a family, and instead of feeling tired, my energy levels are high and stable, and I can enjoy every second and feel my body and mind being in harmony, totally without anxiety or depression.

I have probably tried hundreds of different supplements, everything from TCM, Auyverda, vitamins, minerals, amino acids etc, and spent a lot of money.

Finally after 5 years I found the one supplement I have been searching for.

Thank you.

Atle Hoyland, Norway


Mr R. R, UK – on GLUTACYAN & MIND     

I wanted to let you know how delighted I am with using the Empower supplements.  I am 2 months through the course and feel that I definitely have more strength and concentration since using them. I am combining both the Empower Mind and Empower Glutacyan tablets as suggested by yourselves and really appreciate the individual attention that Nicky Elsworth has given in tailoring the dosage. What is particularly gratifying is that Nicky is not suggesting extending the 3 months dosage in order to increase sales. Sleep is longer lasting and I’m waking more refreshed. I’m meeting my immunologist next week and will be suggesting his department explores the Empower supplements for other ME sufferers.

 Narguis Keshavjee UK Glutacyan

Excellent product, I can’t praise its effects highly enough. Taken when needing to reduce my toxicity levels provides immediate relief. Energy, focus and concentration levels all increased.
This has returned me to living normally with greater freedom!!!

Linda Matthews, UK – GLUTACYAN

Having suffered with chronic fatigue for many years, I saw your article in the paper and thought it was worth looking into. My main problems have been low energy levels and very poor sleep, which have a knock on effect causing depression and ‘brain muddle’.

Within 2-3 days of starting Empower Glutacyan, my sleep was vastly improved. I am falling sleep more easily, getting back to sleep more quickly when waking in the night, and not waking with nightmares and panic attacks.  This has meant I have hardly had to take any ‘strong ‘ prescribed drugs to help me sleep – much less than I had been taking.

I have tried various conventional and alternative treatments in the past, but this is the first thing that has had such an immediate and beneficial effect-THANK YOU! Obviously I will continue to see if it helps with the energy levels.

Jenny Godson, UK

I am ordering the tablets  (Glutacyan) for my mum who has suffered from ME for many years. So far she has only been taking one of each pill a day, as she tends normally to over-react to most drugs/supplements! She overall feels that her energy levels were improved enough to go on trying it.


Lisa Baldock, UK

I was diagnosed with mild CFS/ME in November 2010. 
My main symptoms – are muscle ache/pain, Fatigue, “brain fog”, un-refreshing sleep.

I’ve learnt to manage my symptoms by just working and sleeping (lots of early nights!) all week and then at weekends lots of rest to prepare myself for the following week at work!

I have to say I noticed an improvement in my symptoms by week 2/3 – I am sleeping significantly better – which is obviously helping me get through the day, and the muscle aches seem less too!

Since starting Empower Glutacyan – I have actually felt able to go out with friends and have some fun! So thank you very much for bringing this treatment to my attention and for becoming the UK distributor.

Jo Humphries, UK recommends Empower MIND  

I had been struggling with depression and anxiety for many years and, although Ihad been on many different tablets, found my memory to be awful.  I needed to take sleeping tablets which
caused me to be groggy the next day and also found I needed to sleep anywhere
between 12 noon and 4pm.  If I didn’t sleep then my memory would be worse, I’d struggle to follow anything on TV and I got headaches because I was so tired.
Feeling very despondent I decided to look on the internet and found Empower Mind which contains glutathione.  I read Nicky Elsworth’s story of recovery from Chronic Fatigue, and had a good trusting feeling about her honesty and how she started Empower health.
Having read about the advantages of taking glutathione I thought I’d give it a try as I didn’t know what else to do.
I started taking it and felt no different until about the 8th day.  I started to notice that I felt
more alert, I was remembering things, no longer having to write everything down
and, as time went on, my anxiety levels were dropping.  I felt calmer and actually went to sleep
without sleeping pills and woke up refreshed, more energised.  On the bottle is said to take 1 or 2 tablets
but I took 3 a day for the first 2 weeks and then went down to 2.  I am happy to recommend Empower Mind to anyone suffering with anxiety, depression and stress, my only regret is that I didn’t try it sooner then I wouldn’t have had to go through so many side effects with the different anti-depressants.

The lovely thing about Empower Mind was that it had no effect on my usual medication.  I am slowly decreasing my anti-depressant, with my doctor’s consent, with a view to being free of them. Life is looking up!


I started taking NeuroSport and the results were amazing! My head became so much clearer, I could focus so much better! Not only was I finding a difference in my water skiing but I was finding a huge difference in everyday life.

As a professional water skier I am always looking to get that upper edge! I was just coming off a knee reconstruction and had been out of the sport for 12 months. It was a hard road back, I was asking questions to myself like, “Am I ever going to get back to 100%?”

I was doubting my ability and felt that it was all just too hard! I then started talking to a friend of mine who mentioned this great new product called NeuroSport. He explained all the benefits and straight away I wanted to try this product. I started taking NeuroSport and the results were amazing! My head became so much clearer, I could focus so much better! Not only was I finding a difference in my water skiing but I was finding a huge difference in everyday life. I have two children who are 1 and 3 and I was even finding with them that things that would stress me out all of a sudden were not an issue. I believe NeuroSport has made me focus better on my water skiing but more importantly on raising two beautiful children.

Since coming back to competing after more than 12 months off I have Won the Asian Australasian Championships in Indonesia, won the Australian Open in Port Macquarie and have just recently finished Fourth at the Moomba Masters International held in Melbourne. Thanks to NeuroSport for getting my career back on track!




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