Nicky, owner of Empower Health Ltd tells her story of how she recovered from M.E./Post Viral Fatigue with a unique Glutathione supplement.

Nicky ElsworthThank you for visiting our website.  I’d like to share my personal story with you about how I came to be the sole UK and Australasian Distributor of these unique and life-changing glutathione products.

Empower Health evolved following my empowering journey back to health & maybe my story will resonate with you to empower your own health with this extremely unique glutathione supplement.

I write this with total transparency & a genuine passion to help empower the health of yourself or a loved one – believe me, I only do genuine – & Empower Health is ‘the real deal’.

A while back, I was a fit slalom waterskier with a busy career and a young daughter.  Following a succession of chest infections, previous heart arrhythmias (the ‘plumbing of my heart was fine, but the ‘electrics’ were dodgy!) plus generalised stress, I was diagnosed with  Chronic Fatigue/Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome & Over Training Syndrome.

Nicky Elsworth Waterskiing

Amongst a myriad of symptoms, it got to the stage when I could hardly walk up my stairs at home – my life at that time became very frustrating with no real answers or ‘sensible’ treatment suggestions.  

Unless one has walked a mile in a CFS sufferer’s shoes, one can never know how debilitating this complex disease is (especially when before you were ‘the life and sole of the party!’).   

After a huge amount of research and appointments with various Doctors & practitioners, I was fortunate to be led to a Bio-Chemist Specialist Practitioner in London.   Following the first consultation and treatment, my Glutathione levels were tested and were found to be pitifully low. (I’d never even heard of glutathione at this stage!  – apparently only approximate 5% of the population are aware of its vital importance to longevity and optimum health)


Glutathione is a vital and naturally produced antioxidant in our body found in every cell.  Glutathione truly is the ‘Super Hero’ of our cells, and as well as fighting off free radicals, it assists in the removal of mercury, PCBs, PBBs, and other chemicals.    

My practitioner recommended that I take a product called ‘GLUTACYAN’ (formerly known as ‘RECANCOSTAT’) – a German supplement not then available in the UK, as it was the only effective supplement available anywhere proven to replenish glutathione levels.

This is where my story turns positive.  Within approximately 3 months of taking Glutacyan, I was back to optimum health.   I believe that this supplement was responsible for providing me with the building blocks from which I was able to fully recover.   I now only need to take Glutacyan when i feel my immune system needs bolstering,  or when I’m subjected to a ‘toxic overload’ (chemical sensitivity/freshly painted room etc).

Some causes of glutathione depletion

Some causes of glutathione depletion

Amazingly, as our body’s Master Antioxidant’, Glutathione depletion has been proven to correlate with many conditions, from Alzheimers and Cancer to Parkinsons, and also in sport and exercise. Our Glutathione level deplete during the ageing process, and also from disease, stress, and environmental pollution and toxicity. I give Glutacyan to My daughter Honey, who is now 13 years old, when she feel she is catching a cold, or worse, a chest infection, and so far none have materialised.  Brave words indeed, however, in my view a complete testimony not just to the efficacy, but also to the safe and natural attributes of this food supplement.

Glutacyan - Intracellular antioxidant protection

Glutacyan – Intracellular antioxidant protection

Following my recovery, I researched Glutacyan fully, and impressed at not just how it helped me, but also from the impeccable & established ‘pedigree’ of this German food supplement range, associated clinical trials, and the history of people it has helped, I met with the owners and was fortunate to win the sole UK & Australasian Distribution contract.


I encourage you to research other glutathione supplements on the net, however, please be aware of ‘imitations’ of this product or any other glutathione supplement in the UK/Australasia, as this supplement is the ONLY glutathione supplement anywhere, which is able to deliver the glutathione, in its reduced form, straight to your cells, without wastage. Professor Treusch of Germany, after years of scientific research, discovered and patented this unique delivery formulation (info and published papers on this in the Reference Library section of this site).  As glutathione is such an unstable molecule, it can’t normally survive the intestinal tract.  Our supplements unique formulation  prevents the glutathione from oxidising, and allows it to recycle itself due to the L Cysteine and Anthocyanin formulation (also known as the ‘Redox potential’). This means that a huge 98% of the glutathione actually is delivered to your cells, (bio-availability study on website confirms this).

Our faithful customers buy Glutacyan & Sport Recovery MAX not just for Chronic Fatigue & Over Training Syndrome – but to improve their health in many other areas – Parkinson’s Disease, Metal Toxicity, Cellular Detoxification, Lack of Energy, Anti-ageing, Menopause, & Cancer to name but a few.

We’re delighted to see now that a new wave of customers are now purchasing Glutacyan to help PREVENT disease, & to ensure they enjoy a healthy longevity!

Please do have a look around the site, and read the hard evidence, Clinical Trial information and testimonials which stand tall and proud in backing up this product range.  Feel free to drop me a line with any questions, or to tell me your story.  I would really love to hear from you. 

At the risk of sounding perhaps a little ‘cheesy’, I can’t tell you how much it makes our day here at Empower Health, when we speak with our customers, or receive an email from them, and hear how Glutacyan is making such a positive impact to their health.  I firmly believe that things in life happen for a reason, and as a result of my own illness & health issues, hope to help many other people who find themselves in a similar situation.

Maybe your own personal journey to Empowerment has begun?


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  1. michael December 18, 2013 at 19:31 #

    nice website wish you well in your endeavours. hope to come on board at the opportune time.

    • Nicky Elsworth December 22, 2013 at 20:10 #

      Thanks for your kind comment Michael – I told myself that with my own business, I will only work with people I truly admire and like, and I believe you are one of them! I hope to work with you one day! – let’s keep in touch! Kind regards, Nic.

  2. Lisa Cote' April 15, 2016 at 07:56 #

    Hello, Nicky. Is Glutacyan available in USA? Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. It has truly inspired me.


  3. MICHAEL malomba May 26, 2016 at 20:01 #

    Hello Nicky. Long time. Please get in touch.

    • Nicky Elsworth June 5, 2016 at 11:39 #

      Hello Michael, how are you? Please email me via to discuss some exciting developments. Please advise your interest regarding Empower products and I will up date you accordingly.
      Kind regards

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