Sport Recovery MAX 90 x 200mg Capsules


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For the dietary deficiency of glutathione (G-SH) and L-Cysteine occurring from the stresses of exercise and the physical demands of training.  A uniquely designed formulation, replenishing and potentiating the effects of Glutathione.

  • To assist in regulating cellular control conditions, and to support and accompany therapy
  • Break through in sports science – Glutathione is our body’s MASTER antioxidant, and our supplements are the ONLY glutathione supplements able to deliver the glutathione directly to the cell WITHOUT oxidisation and wastage.
  • Endorsed by athletes and sports professionals

Sport Recovery MAX = RESULTS

Supplementing with Sport Recovery MAX can increase circulating concentrations of GSH and promote healthy immune function.*1,2.  Research shows this unique combination helps manage healthy cell apoptosis, enhances natural killer (NK) cell activity, supports production of interferon-gamma (IFN-g), and promotes cellular detoxification.*3

The Importance of Reduced Glutathione

Glutathione is the most important intracellular antioxidant. It exists in either a reduced (GSH) or an oxidized (GSSG) state, but it is the reduced state in which virtually all of the vital biological functions of glutathione are carried out. Maintaining healthy levels of GSH is essential to preventing oxidative damage to DNA and other cellular structures and supporting cellular immune function.*

While many supplemental options abound, the stability and bioavailability of reduced glutathione supplements vary greatly.

Exclusive & Bioavailable

Sport Recovery MAX  is an orally bioavailable combination of glutathione, an exclusive AnthoRedoxinTM anthocyanins blend, and L-cysteine. This unique formula has been clinically shown to deliver the benefits of GSH.*

  • Shown to increase circulating and tissue concentrations of GSH*1
  • Clinically shown to support healthy immune function in adults and children as young as age 8*1,2
  • Utilises premier source grade of  glutathione,  for  a stable and pure form of GSH
  • Features an exclusive AnthoRedoxin blend to shield GSH from oxidative damage*
  AnthoRedoxin is a blend of anthocyanins exclusive to ITI®, and Empower/M C Pharma Glutacyan products. 

1. Chernyshov VP, et al. Cent Euro J Immunol. 2000; 25 (3):137-45.
2. Garcia-Giralt E, et al. Eur J Cancer. 1997:33(sup 8).
3. Chernyshov VP, et al. Russ J Immunol. 2002 Apr;7(1):48-56.

 Please note – Sport Recovery MAX & Glutacyan are the same product, but with different packaging.