Proven Skin Protection during and after Radiotherapy & Sun Exposure

Empower RayGel proven to protect skin from radiotherapy burns

RayGel is a clinically trialled gel preparation, used to   maintain and improve the complexion of the skin, during and after sun exposure, external radiotherapy, burn trauma and irritated skin.

  • For the care of the skin from damaging effects of the sun , tanning beds, radiotherapy, burn trauma and also for irritated skin.
  • RayGel contains the skin-protecting molecule Reduced Glutathione in combination with natural plant ingredients anthocyanins (beetroot, blackcurrant, elderberry and bilberry).
  • The gel is very smooth, light and provides excellent coverage when applied.
  • RayGel is free from paragons, preservatives, artificial colours or perfumes and is suitable for allergy sufferers, confirmed by an independent laboratory patch test (epicutane test) with 100 subjects. 
  • RayGel is available in a 20ml tube.
  • RayGel has been extensively researched and trialled.  Please refer to the clinical trial studies further down this page.

 Case study – 34 yr old patient with 3rd degree burns to hand – Photographs show hand before, and  after using RayGel for 2 weeks.

             →     After 2 weeks of
using RayGel      

Clinical trial – excerpt & photographs – Placebo vs RayGel

In the U.S., a study  (Title: Combined Glutathione And Anthocyanins An Improved Alternative For Skin Care During External Beam Radiation*) was carried out successfully with RayGel patients with radiation therapy.

Breast treated with PLACEBO After 6 weeks

Breast treated with RAYGEL After 6 weeks

 Conclusion: Raygel provides superior skin protection during radiation therapy than that observed with standard skin care and placebo.  Furthermore, RayGel provided less discomfort associated with breast irradiation. Thus, application of RayGel daily during the course of whole breast irradiation may facilitate more consistent completion of therapy without break in treatment of breast cancer.“

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Extract from a RayGel testimonial:

Mr Bahaa Francis – Medical Specialist Trainee at Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust
“I bought RayGel or my mother’s severe dermatitis which had occurred during her radiotherapy treatment for her breast cancer.  I had read about RayGel in a text book called Integrative Oncology, which advises using RayGel for skin inflammation in the context of radiotherapy treatment. My mother said that RayGel felt great on the skin, smooth, delicate and made significant improvement in her skin condition.  Her erythema (severe dermatitis) almost disappeared all together, along with all skin irritation, pain, and roughness, to leave behind a smooth, soft and normal skin texture. I encourage all Oncology patients to use it”

Further information:

Click below to see results of the RayGel Clinical Trials:

Raygel Clinical Trial and References

U.S. Government Published Clinical Trial 


Excerpt from Clinical Trial Extract II (full trial information linked above)
Legacy Cancer Services provides a multidisciplinary, comprehensive range of services designed to help patients and their families through the diagnosis, treatment and recovery of their cancer.

Conclusion: Raygel provides superior skin protection during radiation therapy than that observed with standard skin care and placebo. RayGel averaged better comfort scores than placebo. Application of combined glutathione/ anthocyanins results in lower severity radiodermatitis at completion of whole breast therapy.

 Excerpt regarding RayGel tm from ‘INTEGRATED ONCOLOGY’  book (page 142):


RayGel -recommended for skin care during Radiotherapy in ‘Integrative Oncology’

“RayGel TM is a topical gel consisting of anthocyanins and glutathione.  A small clinical study by Noel Peterson, ND showing prevention of radiotherapy related skin burning was presented at the 2004 annual meeting of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (Miko Enomoto, et al;, 2005).  Aloe has not been shown to be effective.  Aloe vera is widely prescribed and used for radiation burns but one controlled clinical trial reported that aloe vera gel did not significantly reduce radiation-induced skin side effects (Heggie, et al., 2002)”.

Application advice

  • Before application, wash hands thoroughly with soap and water.
  • Apply the purple-coloured RayGel with your fingertips for approximately 2-3 minutes into the skin area, and massage until the gel is no longer visible.
  • RayGel should be applied 60 minutes prior to any radiation.
  • The application of the gel should be repeated after 2 hours of any radiation exposure, such as the sun, solarium or radiotherapy.
  • Avoid contact with eyes. Do not take internally. Keep out of reach of children. Store tightly closed in a cool, dry place. As with any product, discontinue  use if adverse effects occur.
  • RayGel has not been tested on animals. 

Directions for use:

Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water.
On the appropriate application zone, the purple-coloured gel should be applied with the fingertips and massaged  into the skin for 2-3 minutes, until the gel is no longer visible.
Usually, the gel is applied from the collarbone down over the entire chest to the underarm area (see picture).
RayGel should be applied approximately 60-90 minutes before irradiation treatment.
After 3 minutes of massaging in to the skin, remove any excess gel which has not absorbed.
The gel should also be applied to the area 4-8 hours after irradiation
On radiation-free days, the gel should be applied 2x daily (1x morning and 1 evening).
The gel should be stored at room temperature.

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