Marcus Bent, Professional Footballer recommends NeuroSport

Marcus Bent, Professional FootballerMarcus Bent

Concentration, confidence, control and commitment are the essential qualities in all competitive sports – and nowhere more so than for a striker in professional football.

Marcus Bent understands the pressures and values the added focus that Empower Mind can provide – plus the added performance that can be gained with a course of Empower Sport.

“When competing in any top level sport, it’s important to think holistically – working to keep the mind to be sharper and more focused. For me, the effect has been really fantastic,” says Marcus. “What’s more important is the fact that both Empower Sport and Empower Mind kick in almost immediately – I can feel the difference.”

“It’s also reassuring to know that the supplements have been tested by HFL SPORT SCIENCE and no doping agents were found.”

HFL Sport Science is the one of the world’s premiere independent drug surveillance laboratories, providing unrivalled and internationally trusted expertise in all aspects of doping control for sports.  Empower 'Tested Safe Label' 22.4.12