Why is Glutathione VITAL for good health?

What is Glutathione, and why is it VITAL for our good health?

Glutathione Molecular Structure

A simple explanation

We all know about vitamins C and E don’t we? – if we think a cold is on its way or are feeling under the weather, we reach for vitamins and hope for the best. However, the ally you really want fighting your cellular battles is the unsung hero, glutathione, the antioxidant known as the body’s master cell protector. Glutathione is essential for life, just as oxygen is to us. Glutathione is quite simply the most critical and important antioxidant we have in our cells, though I bet that most of us haven’t heard of it!!!
Scientists have long known about the critical role glutathione plays in protecting our cells. For example, Pub Med, maintained by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, has more than 92,000 articles (50,000 more than on vitamin C) substantiating Glutathione’s health benefits. Google Glutathione now and have a look for yourself, i.e. ‘Glutathione and Chronic fatigue syndrome’, ‘Glutathione and Parkinsons Disease’ or ‘Glutathione and Sport’.

Surprisingly, and, disappointingly, as you explore more into the Glutathione ‘portal’, you will find that as prolific as Glutathione and it’s proven benefits are to us, many G.P./ Doctors confess to not knowing about it, or what essential role it plays. It’s time we all learned more about Glutathione and Empower ourselves to optimum health to both help prevent disease, and recover from it.  Click here for see why many of us had not heard of Glutathione and its benefits before.

And now for the Science bit…….. 
Glutathione is produced naturally in our cells if the required building blocks are available. Glutathione is present in every cell in your body as an anti-oxidant, to protect them from free radicals and oxidative stress, which is caused by environmental pollutants, diet, stress, and even exercise, just to name a few. Think about a car generating exhaust when it burns petrol to produce energy, well, the body’s natural processes generate “exhaust” as well in the form of ‘free radicals’. These Free Radicals can start chain reactions of oxidative stress that damage cells. It is critical that we prevent these chain reactions, as oxidative stress has been associated with more than 74 major diseases and disorders. Antioxidants halt these chain reactions. The reason glutathione is so important and effective is that it can subdue and ‘mop up’ many many more free radicals than its antioxidant cousins.


Why are adequate levels of Glutathione so essential? 

You don’t have to be a medic or an antioxidant guru to appreciate everything glutathione can do for you and your cells. Quite simply, as you increase your glutathione levels, you can experience multiple benefits, because glutathione:
• Is present in every cell in the body • Is a primary cell detoxifier • Strengthens the immune system • Fights intracellular inflammation. • Supports increased exercise • Slows the ageing process.

So how do we replenish our Glutathione levels? And why is Empower the ONLY oral product on the market which is effective?

The downside of glutathione is that the production of it in our bodies slows as we age, leaving us vulnerable to oxidative stress and its associated ailments. If you deal with stress, a lack of sleep, or prolonged illness, you are likely utilizing glutathione at an accelerated rate, further aggravating the situation.

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Why are our Glutathione supplements UNIQUE?

Normally, creating a simple glutathione supplement would generally not be the answer because the fragile tripeptide structure of glutathione makes surviving the digestive tract a near impossibility……so hardly any precious glutathione would make it to your cell….…. Until Professor Gernot Treusch (click on the ‘About us’ tab) researched and developed GLUTACYAN (Formerly known in Germany as ‘Recancostat’). The enteric coated gastro-resistant glutathione capsule, which, when combined with the small anthocyanin tablet, is unable to oxidise and is therefore transported safely and effectively directly to the cell without any wastage.  NO OTHER GLUTATHIONE SUPPLEMENT IN THE UK OR AUSTRALASIA IS ABLE TO OFFER THIS.

We are the sole Distributors for the UK & Australasia, and we are proud to be able to offer this incredible Glutathione Solution for you.

Empower your health.



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