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I’m delighted to announce that Empower Health UK & Australasia have added IMMINATE, an exceptional new product to our unique and trusted supplement range.

You may be aware that I owe the basis of my recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / ME to our flagship product Glutacyan , the unique, intracellular glutathione supplement with over 98%  bio-availability (the amount which actually reaches your cells).  

Introducing IMMINATE

Having been there myself, I know only too well how many ‘pop up’ solutions and ‘snake oils’ can bombard one’s inbox when living with such debilitating, complex, and misunderstood diseases such as CFS/ME.   However,  I can wholeheartedly say that Imminate OSCN is an incredibly effective supplement which is a revolutionary breakthrough in the control of bacteria, parasites, fungal infections & viruses without destroying the good intestinal flora.  

” Imminate has been especially successful with our many Chronic Fatigue & Lyme Disease customers, where the immune system is often compromised due to underlying infections “

 Imminate OSCN has already taken the Health Practitioner CAM market by storm, and it’s now available direct to you, our customers, in the form of a simple ‘at home’ supplement kit.     

Do read on to see what all the buzz is about, and please, do get in touch with any questions via the contact form below, or to order this exceptional product

To your continued health empowerment!

P.S.  Almost forgot to tell you the other exciting news! – we’re offering a 25% discount for first time purchases but only until the 30th June 2017


OSCN molecules are made naturally in our body, within our saliva and tears as part of our immune system.  OSCN molecules are in effect, our first line of defence against pathogens of all shapes and sizes, including  germs, bacteria, and viruses.   As it is already in our body fluids as part of the immune system, it is completely safely consumed.   The delivery of the ‘thiocyanate ions’ (OSCN) is therefore what makes Imminate so unique. and to activate the molecule you simply mix the three kit components together with 500ml of water, and consume. 

Need a re-cap?, here’s a summary to simplify the science:

HOW can IMMINATE OSCN assist in the treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ME & Lyme Disease?

CFS, ME & Lyme can stem from compromised defences and multiple infections that can degrade immunity and detoxification. This can result in an overload of infections of a bacterial, parasitic, fungal and viral nature, causing debilitating symptoms. 

In the case of a chronic condition such as CFS, the innate immunity will not make enough OSCN to keep the pathogenic load of infections to an acceptable level for good health.pathogens such that they cannot multiply.  This molecule has helped many people fight chronic conditions, with little or no herx ‘die off’ reaction (i.e. the ‘healing crisis’ symptoms). 

“ The microbe is nothing,
the terrain is everything ”

Above, Pasteur illustrates the point that we are all exposed to infections,
but how chronically they effect us depends on our individual susceptibility
We are all unique, and we are our microbes!

There are ov
er 40,000 publications
regarding the OSCN Molecule

”  The IMMINATE at home kit is so easy to use – simply whisk the three ingredients in the kit with 500ml of water, and consume! “


Derived from colostrum. It is lactose and casein free

 Hydrogen peroxide – Naturally present in food, body tissue and fluids

 Sodium bentoite – Edible clay, Nutritional supplement  grade

 Sodium Thiocyanate (Pure medical grade). Naturally present   in our body and also in foods such as kale, brussel sprouts, cabbage



PLEASE NOTE– This product contains no sugar or salt. One component is derived from colostrum. It is lactose and casein free, although not considered an allergen, but it is therefore UNSUITABLE
OSCN & the 
LPO (Lactoperoxidase) systemFOR A VEGAN DIET.

Empower Health are offering an introductory
25% discount on both the 3-kit and 6-kit packs



Suitable for:
General conditions associated with
co-infections i.e. 

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Suitable for:
Chronic cases of multiple co-infections,
i.e. Lyme Disease


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This product is used as a part of a nutritional programme and we have to say is not intended to treat or cure any disease or condition. Please follow the guidelines of your Healthcare Provider.

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