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Nic Elsworth – Owner & M.D. of Empower Health UK Ltd

Thanks for visiting our website.  I’d like to give you a brief insight into how Empower Health came to be the UK and Australasian Distributor of these unique and life-changing glutathione products.

A short while back, amongst other things, I was a fit slalom waterskier with a busy career and a young

Following a long period of hard training in the gym, working very long hours with my career, all whilst getting a succession of chest infections, my health started to take a nose dive.    I began to feel progressively more tired at first, coupled with bouts of confusion (‘brain fog’) and very strange episodes where I felt as though I had electric shocks running through my arms to my hands..   Never one to give in, I kept ploughing through, looking back, it felt as though I had hit ‘burn out’ stage, and my body was screaming “I’ve had enough, shoot me!”.  I was diagnosed with both Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Over Training Syndrome from a sports & exercise physician.  Later, after suffering more brain frog, more frequent fatigue ‘crashes’ and nose bleeds whenever i was in the vicinity of a chlorinated swimming pool (embarrassing when i was just collecting my daughter from her class!), I was diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (a real precipitator for brain fog episodes!).  Crikey, talk about 

M.E. is a lonely disease

M.E & CFS. are lonely & frustrating diseases

It would sometimes take me 3 or 4 minutes to just walk up my stairs at home on some days, and as someone who has always finds a solution, my world became frustrating, and a little bewildering, with no real answers or ‘sensible’ treatment suggestions (‘you need to simply stay at home and relax for up to a year’ was one Consultant’s suggestion!).   One of the worst things for me was the reaction from some of my family and friends after a little while – having known me as a tenacious, fit and lively ‘life and soul of the party’ person, when I had to bow out at the last minute from some events, however large or small, I could see the frustration and misunderstanding in their eyes as although they tried to, they clearly didn’t understand or comprehend what this diagnosis meant.

I do believe that, unless one has experienced this illness themselves, they really can’t understand what it is like, and how measured one needs to be about making sure their energy ‘cup’ doesn’t become depleted by over doing it on a daily basis.

Not satisfied with the “go home and rest for 6 months or so” ‘Professional’ advice given to me, I began to do my own research, and after many twists and turns, (and after a lot of money spent on products and potions!!), I was seen by a Bio-Chemist Practitioner, and was at last told that my  ‘glutathione levels’ were pitifully depleted, and I should start taking a German glutathione supplement called ‘Recancostat’ (now called ‘Glutacyan’) – at that stage, this product was not yet available in the UK.  

The Practitioner was very adamant that Glutacyan was the only glutathione product he would recommend, as it was the most effective and proven supplement on the market, and that other glutathione supplements out there would just break down in the digestive system due to fragility of the glutathione.  Empower Glutacyan has been clinically trialled and proved that 98% of the glutathione reaches the cells – incredible.  (‘the science’ information can be found throughout this website).

I could feel the effects of Glutacyan initially within about 5 days, though tests have proven that it takes only an hour to start getting to work in the blood.   Energy levels started to improve, brain fog dissipated, and my mood and strength Following my recovery, I contacted the manufacturers of Glutacyan in Germany, and after various meetings, I gained the sole UK & Australasian Distributorship for this amazing product range – the real testament to my faith in this product.

I absolutely attribute the basis of my recovery from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Overtraining Syndrome to Glutacyan, our best selling glutathione supplement.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s is ‘no quick fix’ (no matter what anyone tells you). However, Glutacyan was unreservedly responsible for providing me with the essential, solid health platform, on a cellular level, from which my recovery launched.

You and I both know (only too well) that CFS/ME/Post Viral Fatigue are incredibly complex, and multi faceted illnesses. As such, it follows that the treatment also needs to be multi faceted and holistic in its approach.

Why Adequate Levels of Glutathione are Essential

When you delve further in to the ‘glutathione phenomenon’, you’ll see why adequate levels of this naturally occuring molecule are so vital for optimum health & longevity. Glutathione is naturally found in every single one of our trillions of cells, with its key roles being Master Antioxidant, Immune Booster & Detoxifier.

Unfortunately, our levels of this life affirming molecule start to deplete from the age of 20, and continue to decline due to many factors, including the Ageing process itself, Stress, Disease, Environmental Pollution, Alcohol, Free Radicals, Toxins & well, just by life itself!

Will a Special Diet, or any Glutathione Supplement do the trick?   We can ‘feed’ our glutathione levels by eating glutathione rich foods such as avocado, chicken, and cauliflower, but the volumes we would need to consume would need to be unreallistically huge to make any real difference.

So, with many glutathione supplements starting to creep on to the market, one could be forgiven to thinking that topping up our levels is as easy as just taking any glutathione supplement every day?

Think again! Glutathione is an extremely fragile molecule, and as such, normally when taken in supplement form, it’s unprotected, and oxidises, breaking down in the intestinal tract, rendering it virtually useless.


Empower Glutacyan’s unique ‘RECYCLIN’ formula , breaks the complex delivery code. Clinical trial data demonstrates that 98% of the glutathione reaches into your cells, without wastage.

Click here to read more details in Dr Joseph Debe’s impartial article on Glutacyan (Originally called ‘Recancostat). You’ll see why over 5000 doctors in Europe use this incredible supplement, and why it’s available in almost every pharmacy in Germany.

We really hope to hear from you and work with you to help empower your health.   Never have I felt as passionate about something (apart from my family of course) as much as this before in my whole life.

Since founding Empower Health,  I continue to be amazed by Glutacyan and the changes it is able to facilitate on a daily basis.



Glutathione - Super Hero of our cells.

Glutathione – Super Hero of our cells.[button link="http://empowerhealthuk.com/product/glutacyan/"]Buy now[/button]

People normally feel the benefits of Glutacyan extremely quickly, (some within a couple of hours), so you can now try the ’30’ capsule size tub for a 2 week to 1 month supply in the first instance, before deciding to go for the more cost effective 60, 90 and 200 size tubs.  Click here to go visit the shop.

Backed by clinical trials

Backed by Scientific Research

The merits of this product has further been proven to me by the extensive medical research and scientific studies which underpin this supplement (see the Reference Library section to this website), and even more from the testimonials and positive feedback received from other M.E. and Chronic Fatigue sufferers who have felt the benefits of Glutacyan. 

icon glutacyan

Glutacyan – the ONLY effective glutathione supplement

 Glutathione is our body’s Master Antioxidant, and is present naturally within all of our trillions of cells.  Glutathione is a vital and naturally produced antioxidant  found in every one of our cells.  Glutathione truly is the ‘Super Hero’ of our cells, and as well as fighting off free radicals, it assists in the removal of mercury, PCBs, PBBs, and other chemicals.

Glutathione depletion has been proven to correlate not just with M.E, CFS, Post Viral Fatigue/MTHFR and MCS, but with many diseases, from Alzheimers and Autism to Cancer and Parkinsons (click here for the full list of illnesses related to glutathione depletion). Our natural Glutathione levels deplete during the ageing process, and also from disease, stress, and environmental pollution, toxicity & over exercise/training.   (It’s worthwhile doing a Google search yourself on Glutathione and the condition that you are researching to see just how many thousands of medical documents come up, i.e. ‘Glutathione depletion and M.E.’ or ‘Glutathione depletion and Autism’).  

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NOW also AVAILABLE IN 30 and 60 sizes

People normally feel the benefits of Glutacyan extremely quickly, (some within a couple of hours), so you can now try the ’30’ capsule size tub for a 2 week to 1 month supply in the first instance, before deciding to go for the more cost effective 90 and 200 size tubs.  Click here to go visit the shop.

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Glutacyan – the ONLY effective glutathione supplement


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Dr Matthew Stride

Dr Matthew Stride

Dr Matthew Stride
Consultant Sport & Exercise Medicine Physician

Suboptimal ‘recovery’ from the stresses of exercise and the physical demands of training is increasingly being recognised as one of the most important determinants in overtraining and underperformance.

Glutathione is a natural anti-oxidant that is central to the recovery process and essential for a healthy immune system.

With its uniquely designed formulation, replenishing and potentiating the effects of glutathione, Glutacyan / Sport Recovery Max provides the ideal supplement for those individuals looking for a competitive edge.